September 25, 2011

Senior Project: Summer Update

My summer is finally over, bringing with it the start of a new year at school. I hadn't expected to do any more work on my car, but in the summer heat my thoughts drifted to the jumble of wires I'd spent my last weeks of High School playing with. Specifically, I was thinking about the IR sensor and how it could be improved. When I demoed my car, it didn't live up to its expectations (as the video I posted kind of shows). I blame this on how the car was driving on a different surface at a different speed: with changing speeds comes changing reaction times, causing the car to make its turns either too early or too late. Any other explanation for the car's misbehavior would have to be based on it reaching an intelligence level equivalent to that of a rebellious teen. These thoughts I've had about how to improve the IR sensor set up would have been helpful back when I was first building the car, but for now I'll just donate them to the pool of general knowledge.